Watercolours with Nancy Newman

Nancy Newman teaches a week long negative painting class at the Haliburton School of the Arts Summer program. We will get a good understanding during a day long workshop working along side of the artist.Join in this one day workshop starting from scratch.

List of supplies:
Arches 140 lb cold press paper, full sheet cut into 1/4 sheets
Painting Boards to support paper ( coroplast or plexiglass)
Masking Tape
Loaded Palette of paints- please load several days in advance, do not use fresh paint day of workshop.
Colors: warm and primary colours, plus burnt sienna.
Use artist quality paints ( not Cotman or Grumbacher)
Paper Towels
2 water containers
old toothbrush
Table salt
pencil, grey kneadable eraser
Brushes: 1"flat, #4 or #6 small round, #10 or #12 medium round,
rigger ( long bristles) if you dont have one, the artist will bring some to share.
Hair Dryer
Small spritzer bottle, the kind that spits rather than mists.

Non member rate is $50.00
If nterested contact Lori Hepburn at 905-715-1518 or lhepburn@rogers.com