Watercolor Batik Wax Resist with Pen & Ink

in class we will be creating 2 pieces of art working on both side by side. Above we will create "Solitude" the cat sitting in a monochramatic window. The second painting can be the "Ivy Blue Door" shown here or you may bring your own drawing to work on. This class is suitable for beginners as well as advanced painters.

All workshops must be paid for in advance. If interested call Lori at 905-715-1518 to sign up.

Materials for class:
-2 sheets of Ginwashi rice paper each around a 12 x 16" to a 16 x 20" to keep artwork to a manageable size
-watercolour paints should include a paynes grey or black and at least the three primary colours, a variety of colours are great though
-watercolour brush should be at least a 1/2 flat brush for large washes
-watercolour palette, water, and paper towel for absorption
-micron black ink waterproof permanent pen size should be bigger than 0 but smaller than a 1(05 or 08 works great for me!)
-paraffin wax (about a 1/5 of a standard box per person)
-a wax warmer that can melt this wax, a single tealight warmer can work but as we learned last time electric works best.
-two old watercolour brushes, one fairly fine and one just slightly bigger, to use to paint on wax (you will not be able to reuse these brushes for anything but wax when done)
-wax paper to go underneath both their images, the wax paper may need to be changed more than once during the process
-a piece of white paper or board to go under the wax paper, ginwashi paper is transparent when wet so you need a white backing to properly see
-a blow dryer, but the ability for the paper to hang dry is best
-plenty of newspapers per person
-a hot iron with a no-steam setting to iron off the wax