Tony Bianco

This workshop will teach you how to make your paintings work better. Focusing on composition and design, I will teach you how to be a better artist by using universal principles to communicate visually. Medium and style do not matter in this class. Bring what you like to work with and work your way. I will speak, demonstrate and spend as much time as possible working one on one. Students are also encouraged to bring problem paintings that we can resolve together.

Please bring smaller panels or canvas to work on. We will not be trying to get one complete painting finished, although you may. Instead, we will work through the process of design, which happens early in the painting, and so smaller works enable us to get more of that done. It takes the same effort to design a small piece as it does a large one.
I will work in oil or acrylic, but have worked in watercolor, pastel, mixed media and digitally, so bring what you are accustomed to working with.

Cost: $45.00